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I admit it. Most of my life, my sock drawer has been a hot mess! My mom’s suggestion was to make “Tootsie Rolls” by rolling the socks up and then stretching one sock-top inside out and over the bundle, thusly:

While the Tootsie Rolls (get it?… feet… “tootsies”… Tootsie Rolls… um, never mind!) did reduce frantic searches through the pairless jumble that was my sock drawer, it also stretched the heck out of the top of only one of each pair of my socks. I’d end up feeling like I should be a Dr. Seuss character:








Silly Pammy 
walks around
with one sock UP
and one sock DOWN!

So I don’t advise using that technique. But I have a secret that has turned my sock drawer into the most organized drawer in the whole house. If you use my idea, you can feel doubly virtuous — not only will you conquer the mess,  you will also be recycling an item that otherwise might have wound up in the landfill. For the recycled material, you will need…

TA DA! It’s one of those kitchen-drawer flatware organizers. It also works great as a sock drawer organizer.

You need one that has straight sides rather than, say, spoon-shaped openings (unless your socks happen to be shaped like spoons.) The old wire mesh one I picked up for a quarter at a yard sale had sections the perfect size for rolled-up socks. And I use the different compartents to keep similar colors together.

Depending upon the size of your sock drawer, you may be able to put two of these side by side, or stack one on top of another. Pretty keen, no?

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