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Recycled gift card luggage tag

How to make a luggage tag from an old credit card or gift card

Once you have cancelled a credit card or finished using  a plastic gift card, what can you do with it, besides tossing it in the trash? Here is one idea: give it new life by turning it into a luggage tag. Having a distinctive, one-of-a-kind luggage tag can also help you identify your bag at busy airports.

For this DIY luggage tag craft project, you will need:

  • A defunct gift card or credit card (of course it should go without saying that you must never use a card that has a current, active account associated with it)
  • A hole puncher
  • Some cord
  • An address label or business card
  • Some pretty paper, a postcard, or an old greeting card
  • Lamination material(s)
  • Scissors and writing utensils

If the defunct card is very pretty, you can just punch a hole in it and stick an address label on the back. But if it is not so attractive, you can cover it up with some pretty paper, a postcard, or even a used greeting card. Trace around the plastic card onto the paper embellishment, then cut it out. 

You can decorate just the front or both sides; if adorning the back, be sure to leave space for your identification information.

Punch a hole in the plastic card first, then use it as a template for marking the location of the hole in the paper card.

Hold the paper punch upside-down to line up the holes perfectly.

If you are adorning your tag with unprotected paper like a greeting card or postcard, add a layer of plastic on the outside (a lamination pouch or clear adhesive paper). Not only will this help it resist rain and damage, but it will also attach everything together. Write the identification information on the tag before laminating it.

After punching the hole through the lamination as well, insert a cord. Be sure that the cord you use is very strong, so that it cannot be ripped off during transport of the bag. I used a cord from an old, damaged luggage tag but there are many other options  available.

Happy travels!

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  1. […] Luggage Tag –When traveling I’ve notice almost 80% of luggage looks the same; black. I assume that’s so all the debris from airport luggage belts and dirty storage areas won’t show on your luggage as I discovered with my new orange suitcase. Most people also use the standard ID tag that comes with it, which makes finding your luggage a difficult task. You can create a unique luggage tag that no one else will have to make finding your bag that much easier at baggage claim. You will need scissors, a hole punch, a thick cord or wire, laminate materials, decorative paper, and an address label, business card, or permanent marker. You won’t need decorative paper if the old card you’re using is already unique or decorative in nature. The plastic used for these cards will make your luggage ID tag durable and the laminate will seal in the paper to keep it safe from water damage. This project should be free since most of these items can be found lying around a typical home. At most, you may need to purchase the cord if one didn’t come with your luggage, and pay to get the tag laminated at your local office supply store. Just make sure the machine won’t be too hot and melt the card. You can also buy self-adhesive laminate paper at about $20 per pack. (I wouldn’t recommend buying a laminating machine just for this project as those can cost $30 on the low side, not including materials). […]

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