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Record Album Decorative Boxes


LP Boxes (22)

So as you may know, I have been using vintage LP record album covers to make spiral-bound notebooks. In most cases, this means I have the actual records left over, so I wanted to find fun, creative things to do with them, as well. So I took advantage of their round shape and center hole, to decorate the top of round hatboxes and add a little handle.


For handles, you can use cabinet door knobs — Hobby Lobby has some really cute ones. Or you can look through junk drawers to find other knobs off things, that could be recycled for this purpose.

Handles (8)

I try to match the handle to the design of the record label.

LP Boxes (25) LP Box Handles (2)

LP Box Handles (4) LP Boxes (22)

Sides of Boxes

To decorate the sides of the boxes, I used sheet music or in one case, some of the paper liners that had colorful advertisements for other records of the era.

LP Boxes (1)

I trimmed out the edges with ribbon that coordinated with the overall design of the box.

LP Boxes (10)

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