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Autumn Wreath

DIY Fall Décor

Autumn (3)

Just a quick post to share another yarn-wrapped wreath like the ones I made for Halloween, Easter, and Winter. I made it using the same yarn I used for the Halloween wreath, but brown instead of black.

Autumn (1)

I’m not sure I am crazy about the yarn on this one. It looked great and spider-webby for the Halloween wreath, but I’m thinking a plain brown background might have worked better for this fall wreath.

Autumn (2)

Anyway, the elements in this wreath include:

  • Roses made from a felted wool vest
  • Ribbon roses
  • Buttons and beads
  • Crocheted shapes
  • Broken jewelry
  • Trim samples from my local recycled art materials store
  • Other embellishments

I made another fall wreath that I like much better… I need to take a picture of it so I can post it.



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